About Us

We use Aramex or PostNet couriers with delivery usually within 3 days, but their parcel bags are quite small. Please contact us at 011/660-9075 or orders.books@qodesh.co.za to assist.

"Qodesh" is a Hebrew word, meaning 'apartness' or to be 'set-apart'.

Qodesh Books is a very small bookshop through which its mission is inter alia the following:

  • To bring the Good News of יהושע the Messiah to all
  • To teach the Torah to all nations
  • To teach all people to practice the Torah
  • To encourage believers to unlearn the error and to learn truth
  • To bring unity between both houses of Yisra'el, namely The House of Yehudah and The House of Ephrayim
  • To restore the true and only Name of the Almighty יהוה and the Name of our Saviour יהושע 

Please note that our intention is not to profit from these publications, but to simply recover our costs.

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