The following Messianic Congregations are to the best knowledge of the editor “Torah True” in their fellowship. By Torah True we mean to be observant of all the mitzvot (commandments) in Torah, “... guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief of יהושע.” Rev. 14:12. Believing:

1 - That יהושע is the Messiah who came to redeem us from our sins, to unite us with His Father.
2 - That the only and true Name of the Creator is יהוה, and His Son’s Name is יהושע.

Although this register is maintained in English, most of these groups use both English and Afrikaans in their assemblies.

If you wish to be listed in this directory, please send your full details, including a "Statement of beliefs" to us. Always include a contact telephone number.



Beyt Mashiach (House of Messiah)

Contact persons: Gareth Banks - 082/425-2035 or Lloyd Berry - 074/132-9702 or Ryno Hoffman - 074/555-1982
Address: Linx School, Cnr Van Riebeeck Ave & 9th Street. Entrance 9th Street. Edenvale
Website: www.beytmashiach.co.za

Additional Info: We meet every Shabbat at 10:30 - 13:00 to worship, pray and study the Scriptures following which we fellowship over some coffee and tea. Please feel free to bring along your own lunch should you wish to stay longer. Please contact us for arrangements regarding meetings on high Shabbats.


Contact person: Gary McDonald garymc@iafrica.com
Tel/Fax: 011/855-3987 - 42 Socratis Road, Ennerdale Ext. 3 1830



Cape Peninsula Fellowship
Contact person: Joe Arends
Tel: 021/905-3195
Please phone for address.