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The following Messianic Congregations are to the best knowledge of the editor “Torah True” in their fellowship. By Torah True we mean to be observant of all the mitzvot (commandments) in Torah, “... guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief of יהושע.” Rev. 14:12. Believing:

1 - That יהושע is the Messiah who came to redeem us from our sins, to unite us with His Father.
2 - That the only and true Name of the Creator is יהוה, and His Son’s Name is יהושע.

Although this register is maintained in English, most of these groups use both English and Afrikaans in their assemblies.

If you wish to be listed in this directory, please send your full details, including a "Statement of beliefs" to us. Always include a contact telephone number.



Beyt Mashiach (House of Messiah)

Contact persons: Gareth Banks - 082/425-2035.




Cape Peninsula Fellowship
Contact person: Joe Arends
Tel: 021/905-3195
Please phone for address.



MTOF – Messianic Torah Observant Fellowship

66 Edge Road, Beacon Bay, East London, 

GPS Co-ordinates: 32*57.3540’S  27*56.5542’E

Contact person: Clive Saunders

Details: 082/490-1844 or cliveanddes@gmail.com

Additional Info:

We believe in teaching the whole Word of Yahweh from Genesis to Revelation as His inspired Word. We believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and follow His teaching. We believe that Yeshua brought Redemption through His death on the stake (cross) and that we are to work out our salvation through keeping to the Testimony of Yeshua and being Torah observant by keeping the Shabbat, all the Appointed Times (Feasts) and His Commands (that are applicable to us). We believe that Yahweh’s plan of redemption is for the whole of Yisra’el and that He will gather His people ( including those grafted in through belief in Yeshua) from all the nations to be with Him in the Kingdom.

Meeting Times:

4th Day (Wednesday) : 19:00 for Praise & Worship, Topical Teaching, discussion and fellowship over tea and coffee.

Sabbath: 14:00 for Weekly Torah Teaching, discussion and fellowship over tea and coffee.


Branch Netzarim Fellowship

78 Beach Road, Nahoon, East London, South Africa

Contact Person: Rodney Petersen

Contact Number: +27 84/665-4336

Additional Info:

We are a Torah Observant Fellowship and esteem  יהושע  the Messiah who came to redeem us from our sins, to unite us with His Father. יהוה, the only creator of everything visible and invisible.

Meeting Times:

Fellowship time on the Sabbath 15:00PM to 17:00PM

Power Hour, study of the word and prayer time  is every first day that being Sunday 9:00AM to 10:00AM followed by prayer time .


MPUMALANGA | Nelspruit

House of Tefillah (Prayer)

Contact: Phillip

Cell: 084 4400 833

Statement of Belief: I, Phillip believe; (Joh 14:6) Rabbi יהושע (Yeshua), “Thé Messiah of יהוה (Yehovah) Elohim of Thé Hebrew’s,” said:

“I am Thé Way, and Thé Truth, and Thé Life. NO Oné comes to Thé Father, יהוה (Yehovah) Elohim of Thé Hebrew’s, except through Mé.