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Please read the articles below with much prayer and supplication before Father יהוה.

  1. Die Feeste van Yahuweh, deur Johan Marais
  2. Historic Messages by the late dr. C.J. Koster (in mp3 format), author of Come out of her My people and Gaan uit haar uit My volk 
  3. The Pesach of YHWH in the month of Avivby W.J. Wolfaardt
  4. Acts 15:29, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  5. A new commandment, by C.J. Koster
  6. The appointed times, by C.J. Koster
  7. The seven dispensations, by C.J. Koster
  8. The book of the living, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  9. Compromise, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  10. Imprisoned, by C.J. Koster
  11. Kashrut, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  12. Kashrut (Afrikaans)deur W.J. Wolfaardt
  13. Did [Yahushua] wear a kippah?, by Shmuel Safrai
  14. Mattithyahu 5:19, by C.J. Koster
  15. Nephilim, by John Steed
  16. The perfect passover, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  17. Pesach observance - when, how?, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  18. Qodesh, by W.J. Wolfaardt
  19. Repent, by C.J. Koster
  20. Replacement theology - Part 1, by C.J. Koster
  21. Replacement theology - Part 2, by C.J. Koster
  22. The Tetragram, by C.J. Koster
  23. The Vision or division, by Elhanan ben Avraham
  24. We need to be born again, by C.J. Koster
  25. What is His Name - if you know?, by C.J. Koster edited by W.J. Wolfaardt
  26. Whence all the confusion in churches?, by C.J. Koster
  27. Who are the children of Elohim? - part 2, by by C.J. Koster
  28. The Dangers of Eating Pork, by dr J.H. Kellogg
  29. The Paleo Hebrew Delusion