Next Scriptural Festivals Posted on 28 Oct 20:23

The next Scriptural Festivals are those in the first month, Pesach on the 14th day of the first month, then follows the Week of Unleavened Bread from the 15th day for 7 days. See our calendar for details.

  1. A Scriptural month is determined by the phases of the moon and can only be 29 days or 30 days long.
  2. The Scriptural year begins with the first new moon after the barley in Yisra’el reaches the stage in its ripeness called “aviv”. The month of Aviv (start of the Scriptural New Year) can only be introduced with the physical presence of barley in Yisra’el.
  3. If barley is not in its stage of ripeness called “aviv”, then an extra month (thirteenth) is introduced, this ensures that the month of “aviv” always falls within its proper season.
  4. It is important to look for the new moon as the Feast Days are determined by the sighting of the new moon.
  5. The new moon was sighted from Krugersdorp and Prieska on 18 March 2018. Reports from Yisra'el ( & indicated that they found aviv barley, thus the beginning of the first Scriptural Month, with Pesach 14 days later, i.e. afternoon of 1 April 2018.

    See Wayyiqra/Lev 23 for more details regarding the Festivals.

Festivals of the Seventh Month Posted on 14 Jul 14:12

The calculated sighting of the new moon of the seventh month is 21 September 2017. If the new moon is indeed sighted on 21 September 2017, then the set-apart gatherings of the seventh month are as follows:

- Yom Teru'ah / Feast of Trumpets, or more correctly a Day of Soundings, on the first day of the seventh month (22 September 2017) - Lev 23:24. First day of the seventh month.

- Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement, from the evening of the 9th day till the evening of the 10th day of the seventh month (30 September - 1 October 2017) - Lev 23:32.

- Sukkot / Tabernacles from 6 October 2017 (15th day of the seventh month) - Lev 23:34. Please see the calendar for more details.

You are encouraged to watch for the new moon at your location.