Festivals of the Seventh Month Posted on 14 Jul 14:12

The calculated sighting of the new moon of the seventh month is 18 September 2020. If the new moon is indeed sighted on 18 September 2020, then the set-apart gatherings of the seventh month are as follows:

- Yom Teru'ah / Feast of Trumpets, or more correctly a Day of Soundings, on the first day of the seventh month (19 September 2020) - Lev 23:24. First day of the seventh month.

- Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement, from the evening of the 9th day till the evening of the 10th day of the seventh month (27 October - 28 October 2020) - Lev 23:32.

- Sukkot / Tabernacles from 3 October 2020 (15th day of the seventh month) - Lev 23:34. Please see the calendar for more details.

You are encouraged to watch for the new moon at your location.